12 Important Tips for Bachelor Pad Sets

If you are a beginner on the interior design scene, the opportunity to decorate your bachelorette rug can seem daunting. Do not worry; we are here to make sure it’s 100% feasible!

Here are 12 important things to keep in mind before embarking on your project:

1. Create a place for your hobby

It is always good to have a place dedicated to that passion that motivates us or something we always like to do.

It can be the perfect place to watch football matches – or any other sport – or a place to read books, listen to music or play. You can also turn a corner into a workshop to paint or do something with the tools.

Even if you are a collector, you can display your treasures as a decoration or simply make yourself a comfort zone for a coffee.

2. Less is more

Repeat after us: less is more. Make it your new motto from now on, if you want!

In the case of studios, the main idea is to keep all areas as clear as possible for maximum functionality.

Here, you must keep in mind that whatever you choose should be useful for something. Having extra things will only bring chaos to the house

3. Clean the walls

The decoration of walls in a single carpet should be simple and limited to two works of art maximum. To give them a masculine touch, choose photos preferably in black and white.

4. Dry garden

Cactus is a great way to incorporate some green into your home: they are especially perfect for beginners because they require minimal maintenance.

Admire the difference that a pot (or two) of cactus can bring to your space.

5. Neutral colors

Not only do they help to harmonize the place, but they also make the decorative elements more striking.

6. Break the pattern

It’s not a bad idea to choose art objects or antiques for your bachelor pad. Everything must not be combined!

The result is a more refreshing look and a greatly improved space.

7. Forms

The lines used are mainly angled and straight.

The predominant ones are angulated, straight. Better to forget the rounded and organic shapes.

8. Sophisticated and elegant

For sophisticated air and timeless elegance, choose furniture made from rich wood or veneered: some of these options are wenge, ebony and zebrano.

9. Add a character to the house

If there is masculine furniture par excellence, it will certainly be a Chesterfield sofa upholstered in leather.

After all, it symbolizes the English salons: meeting places between bourgeois gentlemen.

10. Details

If you are looking for a contemporary style, you should keep in mind certain elements, such as the chrome details of the stand’s legs.

Also combine the furniture with textures such as leather, denim, tweed, lamb, among others.

11. No distractions

It is extremely important to remove any element of distraction and focus on fundamental but powerful elements.

The introduction of an iconic and timeless element as the center of the room, in addition to the subtraction points, will give the environment a classier atmosphere.

12. Light

This is the element that will define everything. Lights with a dimmer can be your best ally, because you can easily increase or decrease the brightness of a room.

A good floor lamp will also give a soft and sophisticated touch.

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