9 Things to Research Before Designing A Logo

A logo is basically a symbol representing a brand’s identity. Without this a brand will be meaningless. Your logo must be exceptional so that it leaves a great impression on the customer. It has the ability to show all the values of a particular brand. But before actually designing a logo, we must understand the importance of logos.

A person starting a business is often suggested to get a logo by making some investment. But sometimes some people do not understand that getting a logo is the first step in building an unforgettable brand identity. It is basically your brand’s keystone. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you do, but it should have a professionally designed logo. Without this the audience is unable to spot your company.

Now I will show you 9 different things to research before designing a logo.

1.Consider putting on paper with a pen– A lot of things must be going on in your mind before designing your logo. So, first try to write down all the ideas and design concepts on a paper. It is one of the most time consuming processes in designing a logo. But as soon as you actually start creating a design then it can give the final result. So, think about  drawing the sketches and you will see that whatever is present in your mind will be drawn on the paper.

2.Express about yourself– The colors of your logo, its typography and shape must reflect everything about you and should give all the details of your business.

3.Reach audience– Whether your logo is a word mark logo or it is a combination of word mark and image, it must reach the target audience. For example, if your target audience is children and you want to offer them your products and services, then you should use fun images and playful images.

4.Making a statement– The logo will be called a successful logo if it makes a statement that is it speaks about itself. You should impress your audience with an appealing and bold image that has the capability to sell your product and places an everlasting impression on the audience.

5.A simple design– The logo should be as simple and easy that anybody can recognize it with his naked eyes. Also it should fit in all the sizes. Prevent yourself from making overcrowded designs and it should be of that size which can be shown on letterheads and business cards. If it is unable to express about your company then it is meaningless.

6.It should be adaptable– If a logo is present in a vector format then it has the functionality to get enlarged and printed out in some larger forms like for billboards and shop fronts. Here the quality of the image is very good. There is no compromise on quality.

7.Color of logo– The colors play an important role while designing your logo. You must carefully choose them. They will define the website’s color scheme and many more things also. Take the help of a tool known as the color wheel which will help you in selecting the color shades that are best for your logo. Do some analysis on how your logo will look in white, black or grey scale.

8.Your typography– You can take into consideration several font types before finally deciding which font best suits your tagline or logo. If your image is a professional image then you can use two different fonts only and not more than that. The commonly used fonts such as Comic Sans should always be avoided.

9.Always do research– The research plays a very important role while designing a logo. For example, if you want to design a logo for a Chinese restaurant then it is better to see the cuisine, utensils and pots used in that region or a similar restaurant. After that you can use those in your design.

You should keep these points in your mind and then these will help you in deciding whether your logo should be created by an expert graphic designer, who can design the logo with the ability to perform for all forms of media like posters, shop signs and websites. Provide all the details of your choice to the graphic designer and you can give some drafts of your choice also. You can take the help of graphic design company India for designing your company’s logo.

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