Reasons Why White Men Increasingly Fall in Love with Asian Women

Without the social stigma interracial marriage once had, couples now feel free to date outside of their race. According to Pew Research Center, in 2015 interracial marriage was at 17% and has been steadily rising since.

The attraction white men have for dating Asian women has been around for a long time. Asian women have been very much in demand when it comes to romance. Let’s explore why white men find Asian women so attractive for romantic partners.


Reasons Why Men Fall in Love

There are several reasons why men fall with a woman. Regardless of race, men like women that accept and appreciate them for who they are. They also want to feel they can make a woman happy and completely satisfy her. The physical and sexual attraction is a major reason for a man’s devotion to a woman as well. Men think that falling in love with Asian women increases their chances of finding the type of relationship they long for.

reasons why men fall in love


How Does the Media Influence the Way Asian Women are Seen?

Certainly, the reasons why some white men are dating Asian women are complex. Dr Ed Morrison, a senior lecturer in evolutionary psychology at Portsmouth University, says the we usually choose at mate that is not too similar to avoid genetic mutations in offspring.

Social and racial stereotypes have influenced white men in their attraction to Asian women. The documentary, Seeking Asian Female, was released by filmmaker Debbie Lum. It displays the white American male obsession with falling in love with Asian women and finding a bride. There are special matchmakers for this type of arrangement.

Media channels portray sexual fetishes for Asian women showing them as extremely subservient, submissive, and hyper-sexual. This type of entertainment distorts the realistic expectations that men can have when dating Asian women.


What White Men Say About the Topic

Some white men feel that Asian women are much easier to get along with than white women. Asian women are more docile, submissive, and respectful toward men. Western men have expressed opinions about feminism amongst white women and how it gets in the way of a good marriage. Men feel Asian women are closer to traditional roles and care more about the home.

Men say that the other component of falling in love with Asian women is the physical and sexual attributes. They like their small frame, delicate skin, and dark hair. Another point comes from men who have not been exposed to diverse environments. Asian women may seem novel and exotic.

White males find Asian culture more traditional, which provides a wife that wants to please her husband. The cultural difference is noticed in that Asian women more often like to pamper their husbands.


The Trend Will Continue

The trend will continue to be seen as technology allows us to connect easier with people across the globe. Online dating is on the rise and long-distance connections are made more commonly. Undoubtedly, Asian women have also taken an interest in white men, the attraction is mutual.

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